Key features:


• 4 new Gadget Stones ( Clone, Burn, SpyCam, Mini )

• Much improved Simulation (Stone-to-stone energy ++)

• More precise PowerMeter with visual Target markers

• PowerMeter position for Left / Right handed (tap to change)

• Step-by-Step tutorial!

• New and better Start Menu


✓ Extremely fine tuned and super smooth controls...

✓ Detailed HD Graphics that can be found at www.casinospesialisten.net.

✓ You get a sense of the curling stone weight!

✓ GameCenter - Leaderboards(4) and Achievements(12)

✓ Achievements are stored locally when offline

✓ Full length curling rink on the runway

✓ Option to turn off the "arcade" gameplay for normal curling

✓ Levels are now streamed for faster loading

✓ Multitouch power is now just as precise as single touch

✓ New and updated instructions and rules / game information

✓ Smarter AI (iPad player) with easy or medium settings

✓ Realtime statistics while in-game for various data


✓ Choose number of rounds to play showing approx. durations based on player count and stones per round. Perfect game-speed / duration control

✓ Options for graphics and physics settings (freeze physics objects)

✓ Game Pause

✓ Swiping on takeouts (two fingers for opponent stone, and still swipe with one for getting own stone closer to target)

✓ Slow down the Stone by swiping downwards pushing ice debris in front

✓ Special Agent Light Sensitive Binoculars on runway rink

✓ Position stone sideways, slide to add force and direction

✓ Sweeping speed affects the friction for longer glides and less curl

✓ After stone is released, sliding sideways adds rotation to stone and increases curl when stone speed slows down

✓ Earn bonus point and use them in the equipment store


✓ Shoot bonus targets

✓ Stones are breakable

✓ Use two or three fingers for more power

✓ Bonus-game inside cargo aircraft

✓ Anti-gravity stone

✓ Explosive stone

✓ A lovely stone

✓ Castle Guard stone

✓ 1-4 Players

✓ AI Player

✓ Training modus

✓ Game saves automatically when you leave app, multitasking (fast-app switching) is supported

Key Features

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Editor's rating:
/ 5 stars

" ...when I started playing I wasn’t expecting to get all excited about curling. But woohaa, I really got into it! There’s a lot of tactics and precision going on, I actually believe that real curling aficionados will have a blast with this, as it’s tricky, but not overly so. You can score bonus points and get cool extra stuff, like extra swerves. It looks great, the controls are pretty idiot proof, gameplay is smooth and they have managed to do the unthinkable: they actually made curling cool. "


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Who knew that curling could be so much fun. Join the Secret Agent Curling Academy and play the classic game of curling with a twist.


Editor's rating:
Highly recommended

ipadgames.org review:

"Curlington HD is a tricky game to learn, even with the instructions, but if you hang in there and keep trying, you won’t regret it. The exclusive iPad game is mainly about stone throwing, but it’s much more complex because of the features that have been added... "


by Jkas7:
/ 5 stars
Great for curlers and non curlers alike!

I didn't really know what to expect when I downloaded this game. What I got was a fun take on curling with exceptional graphics and smooth gameplay. I've been curling (for real, on ice) for 5 years now and this provides a real enough version of the physics and game to make the cut. The updates are also really well though out and have fixed my initial criticisms - you can now turn the special gadget stones off (I sometimes like playing with them, sometimes not), and having the full sheet level (the runway) is a huge plus (although really difficult!). In short, well designed, fun game. Give it a shot.


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